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Full liberalisation on textiles, increased market access for footwear in EU-Japan FTA

| Negotiators agreed to fully liberalise tariffs on textiles and will apply at the entry into force of the agreement.

Brexit negotiations start off without a bang; trade on the agenda as early as October

| The UK has seen a flurry of activity in the last three weeks with its general election, forming of new government as a result of the election, and the start of Brexit negotiations.

Review of EU investor protection rules could affect ratification of EU-Vietnam FTA

| Following the opinion by the Court of Justice of the EU, the Commission is currently reviewing its approach to some provisions on investment protection.

Commission updates Turkey and Indonesia key barriers list

| The Commission has included a number of trade irritants affecting the branded clothing sector in its updated key barriers lists, as presented to members of the Market Access Advisory Committee

EP tables draft resolution on impact of trade on global value chains

| The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution on the impact of the EU’s trade policies on global value chains.

CETA to apply REX system this year, following provisional application

| The Commission recently informed industry that the registered exporter’s (REX) system will soon apply to the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA)

CJEU opinion on Singapore: Brings back much needed clarity

| The European Court of Justice (CJEU) qualifies non-direct foreign investment and investor state dispute settlement mechanism as competences shared between the European Union and its Member States.

Bangladesh: Graduation impact assessment expected next year

| The Bangladesh government announced its intention to launch a detailed impact assessment of the country’s graduation from least developed country (LDC) status.

Sri Lanka GSP+ passes through EP and Council successfully

| Sri Lanka has gotten the green light for the granting of its GSP+ status by the EU co-legislators.

Commission threatens to suspend EBA for Bangladesh due to labour rights violations

| The European Commission threatened to begin a formal investigation which could lead to withdrawal of Bangladesh’s trade preferences, due to Bangladesh’s failure to comply with a number of ILO labour r

Turkey: Commission calls for mandate to launch customs union modernisation

| On 25 January, a round table discussion was held in European Parliament, co-organized by the European Neighbourhood Council, Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association and MEP Kati Piri

Commission encourages industry members to share rules of origin problems

| The Commission acknowledged that rules of origin need to be simplified and that they already addressed through trade agreement negotiations.

Sri Lanka: Commission proposes removal of import duties as pathway to GSP+ opens

| Sri Lanka advances in GSP+ approval process.

Turkey: Commission requests Council mandate to modernise customs agreement

| The European Commission has formally requested a mandate from the European Council to open negotiations with Turkey on modernising and extending the scope of its Customs Union agreement with the EU

Japan: Renewed expectations, progress hinges on CJEU decision on mixed agreements

| The Japanese side has expressed anxiety in relation to potential ratification hurdles a deal could face, such as the events that unfolded in the CETA saga.

Malaysia: PM Confident EU-Malaysia FTA Talks Will Resume by End of 2016

| Malaysia is confident that EU-Malaysia free trade talks will resume by the end of 2016, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib stated during an official visit to Germany in late September.

European Commission pushing for closure of CETA

| The European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, hopes to ratify CETA at the EU-Canada summit on October 27.

Brexit revives EU-Japan trade talks

| EU diplomats have hinted that the 17th round of talks on the EU-Japan trade agreement which concluded on 30 September could break the current deadlock.

TDI and China: proposals take shape but internal disagreements in the EU prevail

| The EU is developing a proposal to modernise its trade defences against China by modifying the calculation methodology for dumping, before China's WTO accession provisions expire in 2017.

TTIP: Textiles issues not on the agenda of the 15th negotiation round

| The 15th TTIP round is taking place in New York but neither textiles nor market access are on the agenda. The round will focus on consolidation.

African countries will lose preferential treatment if no further progress is made on EPA ratification

| The Commission has decided to withdraw the Market Access Regulation for the countries that have not taken the necessary steps towards ratifying the Economic Partnership Agreements. I

EC report: rise of protectionist measures worldwide

| The Commission has published its 2016 report on trade and investment barriers and protectionist trends. Over the past 18 months, 200 new market access barriers have been notified to the Commission.

MEPs call for the removal of NTBs and the adoption of simpler rules of origin

| Tomorrow, Members of the European Parliament will vote on the non-binding report on a new forward-looking and innovative future strategy on trade and investment.

Trade priorities of the Slovak Presidency

| As of 1st July 2016, Slovakia will take over the presidency of the European Union for the next 6 months.

Member States adopt conclusions on the Union Customs Code

| Following the entry into force of the Union Customs Code on 1st May 2016, Member States have adopted Council conclusions in which they express their key priorities for the future of the UCC.

Resumption of the EU-India trade talks pending confirmation from the EU side

| The Indian authorities are awaiting an answer from the European Commission to fix the date of the next negotiation round.

TTIP negotiations unlikely to be concluded by the end of the year

| While negotiators from both sides remain confident that an ambitious deal can be made by the end of the year, German Trade Minister Sigmar Gabriel is of the opinion that...

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