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CETA is a mixed agreement according to Member States

| Member States agreed to consider CETA as a mixed agreement – meaning that some of its provisions fall into the competences of the Member States and not of the European Union.

Publication of the guidance on customs valuation

| DG Taxud has published the final version of its guidance on customs valuation earlier this month. At the same time, the Union Customs Code entered into force.

Council conclusions on responsible global value chains

| In the conclusions adopted by the Council on 12 May 2016, Member States call on the Commission to further support actions aimed at enhancing private sector engagement...

CETA : dispute over granting visa-free travel to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens

| Bucharest and Sofia have made clear that they will not sign the CETA agreement if Canada does not grant their citizens visa-free travel.

Draft proposal on guidance on customs valuation

| While the UCC guidance on customs valuation is expected to be adopted this month, DG Taxud has shared a draft of the document with the Trade Contact Group.

Compromise on mandatory marking of origin rejected by Member States

| The Product Safety and Market Surveillance package is still blocked at Council level as Member States remain divided on the key issue of mandatory marking of origin.

Launch of the EU Garment Initiative

| A high-level stakeholder event will take place in Brussels on 25 April 2016 to officially launch the EU Garment Initiative.

UCC guidelines on customs valuation

| The Commission has started the process of drafting guidelines on customs valuation.

Commissioner Malmström to discuss future of EU-Mercosur trade relations with Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs

| On Friday 8 April, Commissioner Cecilia Malmström will meet with Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs Rodolfo Nin Novoa to discuss the state of play of the trade relations between Mercosur and the EU

Public Consultation on the future of EU-Turkey trade and economic relations

| The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the review of EU-Turkey Customs Union.

Netherlands considers including PSMS on the agenda of the Competitiveness Council

| The Dutch Presidency is considering to include the Product Safety and Market Surveillance package on the agenda of the Competitiveness Council in response to...

EU-Philippines FTA: first round to take place in May 2016

| The first round of negotiations is expected to take place on 23-27 May of this year in Brussels. Most of the chapters will be discussed between the negotiators as...

EP own-initiative report on the Trade Policy Strategy

| The European Parliament will draft an own-initiative report on the review of the Trade Policy Strategy. MEP Tiziana Beghin will present the draft report to the INTA committee at the end of March

Launch of a Project Group on Customs Debts and Guarantees

| The European Commission intends to develop guidelines for the implementation of the delegated and implementing acts. On customs debts and guarantees, a project group has been formed...

MEPs agree on the opening of FTA negotiations with Tunisia

| Members of the European Parliament have given their consent on 25 February 2016 to the launch of free trade negotiations with Tunisia. The

Negotiations on review of the EU-Mexico FTA could start in June

| The European Commission expects a first round of negotiations for the modernisation of the EU-Mexico Global Agreement to take place before the summer 2016, potentially in June.

Next TTIP round: What is in for textiles and footwear

| Public procurement may dominate the agenda of the upcoming round of negotiations on TTIP. For textiles, the agenda looks less strong.

UCC: Guidelines on special procedures other than transit

| As of January 2016, DG Taxud will be working on guidelines on special procedures other than transit.

Key Barriers List for China to be revised

| DG Trade is in the process of updating its Key Barriers List for China. The draft version is quite similar to the previous one and includes 11 issues ranging from ...

India: Chief Negotiator meeting planed for January 2016

| EU and Indian Chief Negotiators are expected to meet in January to assess the potential resumption of the trade talks.

Negotiations on a free trade agreement with the Philippines to be officially launched in the coming weeks

| Negotiation teams of the European Commission and the Philippines will meet for the first round of talks in the first half of 2016.

TTIP: MEPs to be granted access to “reading room”

| Following a decision of the College of Commissioners, all Members of the European Parliament will have access to all confidential documents related to the TTIP negotiations.

TTIP: Negotiators intensify technical talks between rounds

| Negotiators are committed to intensify technical talks between meetings to speed up the negotiations on TTIP. 11th round was seen as a transitional period towards more momentum in the talks.

Vietnam: The European parliament should endorse free trade deal, MEP Zaharadil says

| MEP Jan Zaharadil, rapporteur for the EU-Vietnam FTA for the International Trade Committee, urges his colleagues to confirm the deal in an interview with online news service Borderlex.

Labelling complexity a key dilemma for textile industry

| There is a desire for a supply chain with maximum flexibility and the ability to ship products into any country, which would mean a lot of languages and meeting all of the different requirements.

TTIP: Transatlantic position paper on technical barriers to trade

| Reducing technical barriers to trade is a priority for the negotiations on TTIP. The branded clothing industry in the U.S. and Europe clearly welcomes this commitment ...

EU trade policy strategy review to be adopted by 14 October

| The Commission expects to adopt the reviewed trade policy strategy by 14 October. The document will confirm the existing strategy which includes delivery of the EC’s objectives on ...

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