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International Trade

The Alliance is seeking an open EU and global trade agenda that benefits all stakeholders. We continue to support the European Commission’s work to secure fair market access at both multilateral and bilateral levels, and to negotiate Free Trade Agreements with key commercial partners.

We support simple and effective of Rules of Origin to improve use of trade agreements and ensure optimal benefit to all trading partners. We contribute to identifying and resolving technical barriers to trade.

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Germany supports GSP+ status for Sri Lanka

| During an official visit to Sri Lanka, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier expressed Germany’s wish to strengthen its trade relations with the South Asian country and said ...

Draft proposal for revised investor protection received positively in the European Parliament, not so by some in U.S. industry

| MEPs largely welcome the proposal for the creation of an Investment Court System for TTIP and other trade and investment negotiations.

European Parliament’s trade committee prepares oral question on Human Rights in Vietnam/Negotiated text not yet transmitted to the EP

| Right upon the announcement of the political agreement on the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam, the European Parliament’s Committee for International Trade ...

Commissioner Malmström proposes to replace ISDS by Investment Court

| The European Commission has published a draft for the creation of an Investment Court System to replace the traditional dispute settlement model used in other trade agreements.

Thailand: General elections postponed to early 2017

| The Thai military government took the decision to postpone the democratic elections to 2017 to finalise the draft text of the new constitutional charter.

Cutting of tariffs, simple rules of origin, reduction of NTB key criteria to assess FTAs, EBCA on just-style.com

| Just-Style reports on the conclusion of the EU-Vietnam FTA, the potential impact on the textile and clothing industry. In a broader analysis of the European Commission’s multilateral and bilateral trade agenda, the author quotes EBCA:

First indications towards INTA positions on trade policy review

| The European Parliament has been an avid supporter of using trade policy to further non-trade policy objectives, such as sustainable development and human rights.

Japanese business eager to support the development of the ASEAN economy

| The Federation of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in ASEAN (FJCCIA) has announced during a meeting with the ASEAN Secretary General its objective to further ...

India cancelled chief negotiators’ meeting following an EU import ban on 700 of its generic drugs

| The Indian authorities have decided to defer the resumption of the FTA talks after the EU decided to ban 700 pharmaceutical products after allegations of clinical trial manipulations.

Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Economic union

| On 5 August 2015, Kyrgyzstan became the fifth member of the recent Eurasian Economic Union. The country will soon open its custom border to Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

ASEAN strengthens its relation with Norway

| ASEAN Foreign Ministers agreed to grant Norway the status of Sectorial Dialogue Partner of ASEAN during a meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 5 August 2015.

Commissioner Malmström announces conclusion of EU-Vietnam free trade talks

| The EU and Vietnam have reached a political agreement on the free trade agreement after two years and a half of negotiations.

EU publishes textual proposal for EU/US-cooperation on textile fibre names in TTIP

| The EU has published a draft technical paper outlining a potential cooperation on new textile fibres “for which a name has not yet been identified”.

Bolivia made full member of Mercosur

| On 17 July 2017, Bolivia became a full member of the Latin American free trade bloc following the approval of its four members – Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela – during the ...

EU – ASEAN officials discussed further collaboration on trade

| The 23rd ASEAN-EU Senior Officials' Meeting took place on 2 July 2015 in Brussels to discuss the ASEAN-EU Enhanced Partnership. Both side agreed to further develop cooperation on trade matters.

Programme and priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency

| Luxembourg has taken over the EU Presidency on 1 July 2015. Stimulating investment to boost growth and employment will be one of the key objectives of the Presidency for the next six months.

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