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EBCA publishes economic impact study

On Tuesday 23 April, the European Branded Clothing Alliance (EBCA) launched an economic study in the European Parliament in Brussels. The study, entitled ‘Unchaining the Supply Chain’, was prepared independently by Copenhagen Economics, a well-respected consultancy who regularly work with DG TRADE at the European Commission.

The study can be downloaded via the Copenhagen Economics website - here.

Our press release is attached, including several endorsements of our study from other industry associations..

Among the key takeaways, the study highlights the following:

  • The branded clothing sector supports 4 million jobs, and accounts for 2.4% of EU GDP;
  • In 2012 the branded clothing sector generated value added of €300bn across the EU;
  • 50-80% of the value of clothing products produced abroad and purchased in the EU accrues to the EU;
  • In 15 years, prices of clothing and footwear have fallen by 27% compared to the general price level;

The launch event was hosted by Trade Committee Member Christofer Fjellner MEP, a Swedish centre-right politician, and strong advocate of free trade. Mr Fjellner was very welcoming of the study, and its demonstration of the industry’s contribution to employment in Europe.

The event also featured a presentation from Marc Vanheukelen, Head of Cabinet to European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht. Mr Vanheukelen underlined the importance of a trade policy which maximises the benefits for EU industry from the global supply chain model.

EBCA was represented on the speaker panel by its spokesperson Ignacio Sierra Armas, Chief Corporate Officer of the Spanish company Cortefiel Group. Mr Sierra Armas highlighted some key findings from the study, and a call from EBCA for EU trade policies which could allow the sector to flourish further.

Among the 50 guests in the room were several representatives of the European Commission, Member State trade attachés and third country diplomats, and colleagues from several other industry associations.

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