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Transatlantic position paper on TTIP: EBCA, AAFA and USFIA join forces

EBCA joined forces with AAFA and USFIA in the context of the ongoing TTIP negotiations and presented a joint position paper setting out the priorities for the apparel, clothing and footwear sector ahead of the 7th negotiation round which took place in October 2014. The position paper which has been shared with key negotiators and policy-makers was covered by trade media, for instance in Just-Style.

EBCA, AAFA and USFIA welcome the negotiations and calls for an ambitious agreement that has the potential of boosting growth and creating jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. The paper outlines the abovementioned associations’ priorities within the framework of the negotiations and the potential future deal. Key priorities include:

  • Mechanisms to facilitate regulatory convergence or mutual recognition of regulations and standards across the Atlantic.
  • Full, immediate, and reciprocal elimination of tariffs without phase-out periods.
  • The rules of origin should be simple and flexible to encourage the development of trade and investment of companies using global supply chains.
  • Harmonisation of regulations on labelling and elimination of differences intra-EU and across the Atlantic that add cost for businesses and consumers.
  • Harmonisation of regulations and requirements on product safety and test methods.
  • Emphasis on facilitative customs provisions: Reducing border costs and delays for traders by improving predictability, simplicity and uniformity in border procedures could help boost trade.
  • Establishment of a harmonised list of prohibited standards such as chemicals that are prohibited or restricted in textiles/clothing products.

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) is the national trade association representing apparel, footwear, and other sewn products companies, and their suppliers, which compete in the global market. Our membership consists of about 400 American companies that represent one of the largest consumer segments in the United States. The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry: textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based in the United States and doing business globally.

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