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Market Access Barriers

EBCA strongly welcomes the progress currently being made in EU bilateral negotiations. However, it must be remembered that an agreement is only as useful as its implementation. As more and more countries and regions sign up to Free Trade Agreements, we must become ever more vigilant about the rise of market access barriers.

The first and best line of action for all market access restrictions should be intensive dialogue armed with the full facts of the situation. A positive example of this is the Market Access Advisory Committee which informs stakeholders of problems, in advance where possible, and seeks positive resolution of challenges in third countries once notified of restrictions by industry stakeholders.

Beyond the EU institutions, regulatory dialogues with trading partners provide a useful forum for early intervention and resolution of burdensome barriers which prevent EU producers from benefitting from the full potential of EU trade relationships.

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| EBCA joined AmCham EU, amfori, APPLiA, DIGITALEUROPE, ESF and FESI in releasing a statement calling for action to upgrade the EU-Turkey Customs Union.

Mercosur: textile RoOs remain a major sticking point after latest negotiating round

| As negotiations move forward in other areas, rules of origin for textiles remain a major sticking point between the EU and Mercosur.

Full liberalisation on textiles, increased market access for footwear in EU-Japan FTA

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Commission updates Turkey and Indonesia key barriers list

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Commission encourages industry members to share rules of origin problems

| The Commission acknowledged that rules of origin need to be simplified and that they already addressed through trade agreement negotiations.

TDI and China: proposals take shape but internal disagreements in the EU prevail

| The EU is developing a proposal to modernise its trade defences against China by modifying the calculation methodology for dumping, before China's WTO accession provisions expire in 2017.

EC report: rise of protectionist measures worldwide

| The Commission has published its 2016 report on trade and investment barriers and protectionist trends. Over the past 18 months, 200 new market access barriers have been notified to the Commission.

Key Barriers List for China to be revised

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New Customs and Trade Minister appointed in the Turkish interim government

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Indonesian SNI regulation included in DG Trade key barriers list

| DG Trade is currently drafting the list of key market access barriers for Indonesia. SNI certification for baby garments has been included in the list.

INTA hearing on Turkey

| Standing rapporteur on Turkey in the INTA committee, David Borrelli MEP, invited industry associations across different sectors to report on market access issues in Turkey.

Trade and investment barriers persist, says EU report

| The EU’s strategic economic partners – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, and the United States – maintain a variety of barriers that significantly hinder international trade and ...

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