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Trade and investment barriers persist, says EU report

The EU’s strategic economic partners – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, and the United States – maintain a variety of barriers that significantly hinder international trade and investment opportunities of EU companies. This is the conclusion of the fifth edition of the EU’s Trade and Investment Barriers Report, identifying concrete obstacles to trade.

The report lists all major obstacles identified in the EU's priority markets. With 7 cases mentioned in the report Russia tops the list. China follows closely with 6 cases. The report outlines also 4 barriers both for India and Brazil and 3 cases respectively for Argentina and the US. 

Barriers identified in the report include requirements to use locally-produced goods, or to be based in a country as a condition to obtain certain advantages. The report also identifies intellectual property rights issues in China and the US.

The technical regulation on safety of consumer goods and goods destined for children and adolescents established by the Eurasian Economic Union is mentioned in the report as an example of overly burdensome technical regulations.

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Industry groups call for action to upgrade the EU-Turkey Customs Union

| EBCA joined AmCham EU, amfori, APPLiA, DIGITALEUROPE, ESF and FESI in releasing a statement calling for action to upgrade the EU-Turkey Customs Union.

Mercosur: textile RoOs remain a major sticking point after latest negotiating round

| As negotiations move forward in other areas, rules of origin for textiles remain a major sticking point between the EU and Mercosur.

Full liberalisation on textiles, increased market access for footwear in EU-Japan FTA

| Negotiators agreed to fully liberalise tariffs on textiles and will apply at the entry into force of the agreement.

Commission updates Turkey and Indonesia key barriers list

| The Commission has included a number of trade irritants affecting the branded clothing sector in its updated key barriers lists, as presented to members of the Market Access Advisory Committee

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