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European Commission defends the European Fashion Industries

EBCA welcomes the publication by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of its Staff Working Document on the EU’s Fashion Industries. EBCA has been pleased to participate in the working group which contributed to the thinking behind this document. We welcome the Commission’s open-minded approach and the way it has solicited the opinion of all key stakeholders. EBCA will continue to engage with this programme in the future, and support Vice-President Tajani’s ambitions of strengthening the fashion industries as a creator of growth and jobs in the EU.

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Data Flows in FTA's

| From the design to the delivery of products, cross-border data flows are key in the supply chains of branded clothing.

IT systems for UCC will likely slip to 2025

| The Commission has agreed to push back the deadlines for the completion of IT systems in the framework of the UCC implementation.

EU adopts modernisation of trade defence instruments

| An agreement was reached between the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament on the modernisation of the EU's trade defence instruments.

EP tables draft resolution on impact of trade on global value chains

| The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution on the impact of the EU’s trade policies on global value chains.

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