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Traceability must be increased at all stages of the supply chain, says Commissioner Vĕra Jourová

“There is a strong need to increase product traceability throughout the supply chain,” said Commissioner Vĕra Jourová (Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality) during a conference on PSMS organised by the S&D Group of the European Parliament. A high-level meeting of Commissioners is expected to make progress on a potential compromise solution. Most participants shared the view that mandatory marking of origin and strong provisions on product traceability must be included in the final text.

Industry is split with some, including textile companies arguing in favour of mandatory marking of origin to protect European know-how and jobs and more export oriented companies arguing against.

The conference was meant to underline the importance of the dossier from the point of view of MEPs against the background of the deadlock in council, where MS are divided over the mandatory marking of origin.

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EP tables draft resolution on impact of trade on global value chains

| The European Parliament has prepared a draft resolution on the impact of the EU’s trade policies on global value chains.

CETA to apply REX system this year, following provisional application

| The Commission recently informed industry that the registered exporter’s (REX) system will soon apply to the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA)

Sri Lanka GSP+ passes through EP and Council successfully

| Sri Lanka has gotten the green light for the granting of its GSP+ status by the EU co-legislators.

Commission threatens to suspend EBA for Bangladesh due to labour rights violations

| The European Commission threatened to begin a formal investigation which could lead to withdrawal of Bangladesh’s trade preferences, due to Bangladesh’s failure to comply with a number of ILO labour r

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