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CETA is a mixed agreement according to Member States

Member States agreed to consider CETA as a mixed agreement – meaning that some of its provisions fall into the competences of the Member States and not of the European Union. National parliaments of each 28 Member State will thus vote to confirm the whole agreement. Provisions related to EU competences will enter into force as soon as the European Parliament and the Council give their consent while the remaining articles will only apply once all national parliaments have given their green light. At this stage, it has not been decided which parts of the agreement fall into EU or national competences. The Commission is expected to make a proposal on this issue before the summer break.  

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EURATEX, EBCA & AAFA Joint-Statement

| EURATEX, EBCA and AAFA are opposed to the imposition of additional tariffs on Travel Goods,Travel Goods, Textiles, & Clothing products in both the EU and US

G20- Agreeing to reforming the WTO

| For the first time, all leaders agreed on the need to reform the WTO at the G20 Summit. However, the real challenge lies ahead.

The European Union gives green light for phase 2 of Brexit negotiations

| After long and arduous negotiations on 7 and 8 December, the European Commission and the UK government reached an agreement to move on to the 2nd phase of Brexit negotiations, which would involve the

Vietnam FTA: Legal scrubbing till April

| The trade agreement between EU and Vietnam may be sent for approval by Parliament and Council in April.

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