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Indian cotton industry urges India to resume FTA talks

R. K. Dalmia, Chairman of the Indian Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (Texprocil) has requested the Indian government to take actions following the drop of cotton textile exports. Even though India remains competitive on the international market, cotton textile exports have decreased by 7.39% within a year. Mr Dalmia claims that preferential tariffs granted to competitive countries like Bangladesh, Turkey or Vietnam could explain this negative trend for the Indian cotton industry. Thus, Indian businesses ask for the swift resumption of FTA talks to benefit from preferential duty rates.

As Ireland did some months ago, the German Ambassador to India, Martin Ney, called for the resurgence and conclusion of the EU-India trade negotiations. However, the resumption of the talks has little chances of success as India still refuse to discuss with the EU until the Commission explains its decision to ban 700 drugs.

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