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Slow progress with Mexico

The Commission published its report from the fifth round of negotiations with Mexico. Although progress was seen in several areas, negotiations on product specific rules, particularly for textiles, did not see much movement. This does not come as a surprise, given previous reports that the appointment of Mexico’s new chief negotiator seemed to have brought on a chilling effect to the open discussions on more simplified and flexible rules of origin. Both sides are still aiming for the conclusion of modernising the agreement by the end of the year however, the slowed progress on rules of origin for textiles and in other areas could signify continued challenges and possible delays.

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Joint-Industry Statement on COVID-19

| EBCA and global industry collation make joint appeal to governments and supply chain partners to overcome the health and economic crisis in these unprecedented times. Read our letter.

Request for relief measures due to COVID-19 crisis

| EBCA asks EU Commissioners and Ministers to consider relief measures to help alleviate negative impact of COVID-19 on the industry

Statement on European Commission’s Cambodia decision

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EURATEX, EBCA & AAFA Joint-Statement

| EURATEX, EBCA and AAFA are opposed to the imposition of additional tariffs on Travel Goods,Travel Goods, Textiles, & Clothing products in both the EU and US

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